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I fuck everything up.

It would be so simple for me not to, and I always do. I don’t even understand myself why I do it, sometimes.

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Someone will always be prettier.
Someone will always be smarter.
Someone will always be younger.

But they will never be you.


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i was making a lot of mistakes and then my archery instructor said:

“you make mistakes because you’re focusing on the target and not on your actions”

and i was like woah

thanks for giving me the best life advice i’ve ever gotten

guys just think about how applicable this is to EVERYFUCKINGTHING

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i can never not reblog this. 

Have to.

Welcome to the priorities of the human race.

Forever reblog.

i got chills from this. rest in peace hero.

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i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him  this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression shift to wondering the why the hell was he so happy to see me and i swear it was the evilest thing but also the most hilarious i made a guy like me by conditioning him into associating me to a candy he liked

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